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segunda-feira, 20 de fevereiro de 2012

Great modifications and maintenance: Roland JD-800 "Restyling"

Great modification and fantastic result!

Efrem, from Italy have done many improvements inside that make the Roland JD-800 more robust and easy to maintenance.

A great video from a synth lover.

He turned the Roland JD-800 in a module, removed the keybed and improved it.

(Video updated in 03, May 2012)

Efrem show all parts he serviced. Very good ideas.

Pay atention to details and you will be surprised. I comment only a few.

Well, he removed the damaged keybed. here in the blog you will see another modification such like this. 

A fuse to protect the synth!

The headphones output in front make it easier.

The joystick was placed apart and it is on a temporary support.

The plastic over the card place is a great idea. Protect against contact with the flat cable and prevent also agaist dust.

I say dust? Oh my god! He made a total cleanup! Dust inside is the great problem of the JDs. 

Another great idea was to improve heat dissipation in the power source. And the connectors.

Love to see all that. Thanks Efrem, our congratulations! 

UPDATE: The author removed the videos. I'm waiting for notices so we can see again this great work. 


 See also:

    Roland JD-800 Demo - Live Pads Piano Strings Organ Bass Leads

    Some nice Roland JD-800 demos by VisceralVoids.

    Despiste the record quality sound not being so good, it is easy to feel the great sound this machine makes.

    Look the demo of interactive programming. User comment:
    At 4:40 this video shows a pad that you can create live using the JD-800's effects and sliders. I am using a Roland DP-2 footswitch to hold the chord down while I set the JD-800's phaser & delay. Then I change the cutoff and rez, and pitch with the "pitch coarse" knob. To get the "whoosing" effect you could set LFO1 on the filter. JD-800's resonance in full effect here but this is not using high settings. Other sounds in this video include crystal rhodes, strings, piano, PPG sounds, catherdral organ, of course basses and leads.

    sexta-feira, 10 de fevereiro de 2012

    Free CD - Music for Starry Nights - A work on the JD-800.

    This is our new CD:  Music For Starry Nights

    It was done by a sort of brazilian and european musicians.

    My music in this collection is "The Inner Side of Mirror". It was done using ONLY the Roland JD-800 without any external effect.

    It´s a nice demo of the great capabilities of this synth.

    Free Download:


    Zenta: A Informática Esotérica

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