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quarta-feira, 17 de fevereiro de 2010

The Original Internal Sound Demos

The sound files here are recording from the Roland JD-800 internal sound demos. Copyright  by Roland Co.

The JD-800 have two good internal demos, one for each mode (single or multi-timbral).

Server 2 
(Ok, at Google Docs)
Size Time
Single Mode 
Part 0 977 Kb 1:02
Single Mode 

Part 1 707 Kb 0:45
Single Mode 

Part 2 1097 Kb 1:10
Single Mode 

Part 3 641 Kb 0:40
Single Mode 

Part 4 566 Kb 0:36
Single Mode 

Part 5 533 Kb 0:33

Multi Mode 

Multi Demo 660 Kb 1:36

Note: This are 128kbps mp3 files, so I reduced the overall quality. I want upload better quality sound files, but have been short in time. Anyways, the sounds are great.

See the movies in the other posts. They have great samples of what great sounds this synth is capable.


SynthMania posted a nice video with the the 64 classic factory patches! Thanks!


6 comentários:

  1. Is possible to create a new software for to create new wavetable? Thank

  2. For sure it is possible. Must require someone skilled in Assembler programming and reverse enginering.
    This is something all JD800 and JD990 users would love for sure.
    If you have such capabilities or know someone who may do it, be wellcome.
    You can go to the JD groups also:

    JD-800_Tech Yahoo Group:

    Roland_JD-990 Yahoo Group:

    Let us know what you get.


  3. Thanks for the reply. Meanwhile, with a little effort, I completed my work on the JD-800. Some changes that saw the elimination of all the keyboard and some other small tweaks. I link the two videos that I made in Italian.
    Thanks and happy viewing:



    1. Efrem, it is fantastic! I am still watching, but for sure want I to post your new videos here ok?
      Did you sent the JD-800 to a laundry? I never, never have seen a synth so clean!!! It´s amazing!
      And the mods you did inside become great! Very nice ideas to keep your machine in optimun shape.

  4. Thank you very honored. I'm glad you put my video on this site. You say that I like to work very precisely, when I became obsessive commitment .. hehe Thanks again. Now I should try to find or to print some sticker to cover some scratches ..

  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T1A8ISURfM0


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