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segunda-feira, 22 de fevereiro de 2010

From MATRIXSYNTH: Roland JD-800 in Fancy Dress

Another beautifull modified JD like a SCI Prophet-VS.

I found this at MATRIXSYNTH: Roland JD-800 in Fancy Dress. That´s a nice blog to everyone who love synths or are ready fall in love.

This was done by Customsynth.co.uk, the same company who made the "Gandalf , The White".

Edited:  More from this nice machine!

The nice people from Customsynth have more pics at flickr too.

See this and the Yellow one! It's a Waldorf and Lamborghini style!

 Click the link to the Flick album with all pics:

Customsynth at Flickr

Thanks for the great work! 


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