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quarta-feira, 17 de fevereiro de 2010

Differences between JD-800 and JD-990

The Roland JD-990 is the Supermodule of the JD-800. 
It have extended capabilities and is a "big plus" to any setup.
I have seen many setups with more than one JD-990 in the rack. 
  1. Expanded wave ROM (6MB vs. 4MB)
  2. Ability to use a 8MB expansion board
  3. 4 additional outs
  4. True stereo engine
  5. Osc sync
  6. Cross-mod (FXM)
  7. Osc structures that allow ring mod and serial dual filters
  8. Additional LFO waveforms
  9. MIDI CC control of parameters
  10. Tempo-sync delay
  11. Polyphonic portamento
  12. Performance memories
  13. Additional multi-timbral slots
  14. One patch can keep full effects in multi mode
For the complete comments by Don Solaris and some DEMOS of the JD-990 visit: 
Don Solaris - Roland JD-990 info and synthesis examples
Thanks to Ian and Don Solaris for this part.
Be up to date with your JD-990: The nice people at the Roland_JD-990 Yahoo Group have very good material about it.

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