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quarta-feira, 17 de fevereiro de 2010

Software and Patches for the JD-800 and JD-990

There are very good professional software supporting  the Roland JD-800 and JD-990, but if you want a non-pay choice, this are the best.

The JD-800 Patch Organizer created by Laurent Lecatelier-Dudec (France), was released as freeware in 24/04/1999 (date in original author´s site) and is no more available from the programmer´s site.

In more recent years, Gwydion Elderwin (Australia) created a JD-800 Randon Bank Creator and a Jd-800 to JD-990 Bank Converter.

About the patch banks here.

The first I found many years ago, was compiled by Stephen Drake, the guy who kept most of JD material available for years. This site is proud to pay him our tribute. Thanks Stephen!
The first internet banks are so-so grouped, thus makes some sense.

Gwydion also have done a strong work removing duplicates from hundreds of patches, adding lots more and creating a library for each synth. Still is missing time to classify all that stuff into categories.

Missing all you my friends, I know business and daily life take time, but I would be happy to receive some news. 

The bank files are in .rar format. You need Winrar or compatible to extract it.


Christian Morency released a Beta version of a VST Patch Editor for the Roland JD-800 and JD-990.
See the following post with some info, links and video tutorials:
JD-800 JD-990 VST Patch Editor VST for CTRLR


A new post is add with a user creation for the Logic Studio platform on Mac:

Mac Logic Studio: a little Roland JD800 Environment



JD800 Patch Organizer                                                     230 Kb
JD800 pach banks organized by Gwydion Elderwin           499 Kb
JD800 Path banks internet colletion                                   407 Kb
JD800 randon bank creator                                              512 Kb

JD800 to JD990 Bank Converter                                      177 Kb

JD990 Patch Organizer                                                      230 Kb
JD990 Pach banks organized by Gwydion Elderwin           544 Kb


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  1. Hi Gilberto - Thanks for the mention! And the superb site! My old JD800 is still serving me well, although it's in need of some care and feeding, so I'll be reviewing your pages in the near future.

  2. Hi Stephen!
    Glad to see your visit here!
    You are a JD-Hero!


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