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quarta-feira, 15 de fevereiro de 2023

How to open the JD-800 without trouble

Gaining access to the internal parts of the JD-800 is a simple process but requires a little care.

Removing all screws may do your internal components fall.

You must remove only the screws AROUND the bottom and two screws in the center line, they are at 1/4 from side, and may be you can see a few bigger hole where thy fit to.

Sometimes the bottom have some "dust" acting like glue to.


How to remove the panel.
JD-800 Manual. (click to enlarge)
Source: Roland Co.

Ok? Good luck!


quarta-feira, 18 de janeiro de 2023

Roland JD-800 SE Especial Edition - A rare Brazilian exclusive version

JD-800 SE. This is mine. 

What is the JD-800 SE

As a JD-800 lover, maybe you perceive I really love this synth, I was after this for a long, long, long time. To be clear, since 2002 when I got the JD-800 and created this site. 

In a short, the JD-800 SE is a version with the Strings Card plus exclusive patches but the same original factory presets. 

In practice, the JD-800 SE included all 5 cards. 

In the early 91-92, people from Roland's Brazil asked for a group of very experimented Brazilian musicians to help create new patches for the JD-800. 

This version received an entirely new set of patches not included in the factory presets. 

But this was a problem too because almost all users forgot to save the internal memory into a memory card (not included), so those patches become lost for a long time. 

So, if you have a JD-800 SE and restore factory presents, you will lose the SE version patches! This happened to most of them sadly. 

After nearly two decades, I found someone who still has the patches saved plus the original prints included with that special model. 

And yes, I have the JD-800 SE, but I was after such patches for a long time, and still, sadly I do have not the String Card (a really fantastic one). 

The new patches were created due to the great work of: 

  • Eric Persing
  • Adrian Scott
  • Paulot Roberto T. A. de Oliveira
  • Lucas K. Shirahata
  • Carlos Alberto F. Merussi (Pardal)

The patches: 

After finding this, I commented in local groups and then another colleague made a simple video about it, and for sure the JD-800 SE deserves a better one, but he has not the String Cards and his machine sadly is in bad shape, using another keyboard as a controller. 

The original credits to these great guys:

On this page below you can download this rare set of patches. Copyright @Roland Co. 

Software and Patches

Also see, this video to have a very simple idea, made by Tiago Mallen who is using a controller and without the String card.

Anyways, no matter who made what, I give thanks to this beloved great friend who gifted me with the original material after decades so we solved the mystery of the JD-800 SE


domingo, 3 de julho de 2022

Roland JD-800 Repair, Restoration & Modification

Another great work restoring a JD-800. 
Thanks for Scott MacLean for this complete video! 


domingo, 27 de março de 2022

Again the Gandalf in a great performance!

This is the famous Gandalf The White - The Roland JD-800 Custom White Synth.

It is really a nice white custom mod by Customsynth.
So, another great performance with it and its great sound! 

Turn up the volume!


And here with other great synths:



sábado, 25 de setembro de 2021

Roland JD-800 Demo & Review by Katsunori UJIIE

Mr Katsunori is a well know musician and his reviews are always great!

In his words:

"The Roland JD-800 was an epoch-making synth that combined the operability of a digital sound source and an analog feel. The character that is clear and has a strong presence is wonderful even if you listen to it now! .. The famous no.53 piano is still very nice! Katsunori UJIIE"


quarta-feira, 25 de agosto de 2021

Roland JD-800 Keyboard PCB Installation. Fantastic article!

Thanks to all lovers of the JD-800, here's a very complete work about the new PCB that has been designed by Guy Wilkinson with the help and manufacture of PCBWay. 

We cited them in a recent topic too. Thanks, guys!

Please follow  the link bellow for the very complete material I'm sure all you will love it!

Roland JD-800 Keyboard PCB Installation

Great update for all JD-800 lovers and a big thanks for this work of love for this great music machine!