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segunda-feira, 27 de novembro de 2023

Replacing the JD-800 keybed with another

Something that is frequently requested are alternatives to replace the JD-800 keybed with another that is similar as it is practically impossible to obtain a replacement.

We asked our friend Paulo Audiocare (Brazil) who is a technician with long experience in maintaining synths and the suggestion was as follows:

"The best keybed to adapt to the jd800 or U-20 is the Roland W30 (or D50, which is the same).

Just make the adjustments to the matrix.

The mechanical part is very close and the drillings are almost exact."

Thanks Paulo Audiocare


sexta-feira, 15 de setembro de 2023

A look at Tony Banks' Roland JD-800

Tony Banks with the JD-800.
Genesis - The Way We Walk Live In Concert - 1992.

This was posted by Alex Ball at Youtube in a recent work posted September, 13, 2023. 

Thank you! 

This JD-800 now is with Andrew Ward who gently allowed this video. 

Sorry, no Sysex is available nor is there a possibility of getting it. This is explained in the video. 

Citing Akex's words: 

"Here's a look at Tony Banks' Roland JD-800 that he used live throughout the 1990s.

In this video, we have a listen to the tour patches stored on the instrument and get a little glimpse into how Genesis did things in front of stadiums full of adoring fans.

Huge thank you to Andrew Ward for the loan of this historic instrument.

Andrew Ward: https://www.instagram.com/arpquadra  "

A very good video and Alex comments about some parameters for the patches and the music they were used. 


quarta-feira, 15 de fevereiro de 2023

How to open the JD-800 without trouble

Gaining access to the internal parts of the JD-800 is a simple process but requires a little care.

Removing all screws may do your internal components fall.

You must remove only the screws AROUND the bottom and two screws in the center line, they are at 1/4 from side, and may be you can see a few bigger hole where thy fit to.

Sometimes the bottom have some "dust" acting like glue to.


How to remove the panel.
JD-800 Manual. (click to enlarge)
Source: Roland Co.

Ok? Good luck!


quarta-feira, 18 de janeiro de 2023

Roland JD-800 SE Especial Edition - A rare Brazilian exclusive version

JD-800 SE. This is mine. 

What is the JD-800 SE

As a JD-800 lover, maybe you perceive I really love this synth, I was after this for a long, long, long time. To be clear, since 2002 when I got the JD-800 and created this site. 

In a short, the JD-800 SE is a version with the Strings Card plus exclusive patches but the same original factory presets. 

In practice, the JD-800 SE included all 5 cards. 

In the early 91-92, people from Roland's Brazil asked for a group of very experimented Brazilian musicians to help create new patches for the JD-800. 

This version received an entirely new set of patches not included in the factory presets. 

But this was a problem too because almost all users forgot to save the internal memory into a memory card (not included), so those patches become lost for a long time. 

So, if you have a JD-800 SE and restore factory presents, you will lose the SE version patches! This happened to most of them sadly. 

After nearly two decades, I found someone who still has the patches saved plus the original prints included with that special model. 

And yes, I have the JD-800 SE, but I was after such patches for a long time, and still, sadly I do have not the String Card (a really fantastic one). 

The new patches were created due to the great work of: 

  • Eric Persing
  • Adrian Scott
  • Paulot Roberto T. A. de Oliveira
  • Lucas K. Shirahata
  • Carlos Alberto F. Merussi (Pardal)

The patches: 

After finding this, I commented in local groups and then another colleague made a simple video about it, and for sure the JD-800 SE deserves a better one, but he has not the String Cards and his machine sadly is in bad shape, using another keyboard as a controller. 

The original credits to these great guys:

On this page below you can download this rare set of patches. Copyright @Roland Co. 

Software and Patches

Also see, this video to have a very simple idea, made by Tiago Mallen who is using a controller and without the String card.

Anyways, no matter who made what, I give thanks to this beloved great friend who gifted me with the original material after decades so we solved the mystery of the JD-800 SE


domingo, 3 de julho de 2022

Roland JD-800 Repair, Restoration & Modification

Another great work restoring a JD-800. 
Thanks for Scott MacLean for this complete video! 


domingo, 27 de março de 2022

Again the Gandalf in a great performance!

This is the famous Gandalf The White - The Roland JD-800 Custom White Synth.

It is really a nice white custom mod by Customsynth.
So, another great performance with it and its great sound! 

Turn up the volume!


And here with other great synths: