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quarta-feira, 27 de janeiro de 2010

Roland JD-800 and JD-990 Movies and great sounds at Youtube

Youtube have many movies with the Roland JD-800. Some have best sound qualiy, others not.

Remember, the JD-800 is a massive sound machine so don´t be cheated if some video have not all that quality we expect. Go after the best demos you can and use the best audio players, like headphones or good speakers.

Of course, the JD-800 is a fine top level synthesizer. You can listen to other machines, like the JD-990 module, or similar quality machines, like the Roland V-Synth and Phantom, the Korg Triton, the Nords, etc.

I will start with a good movie from that great people from Retrosound.de.

Vintage Roland JD-800 synth demo by RetroSound. See the machine in action. Some typical sounds from the Roland JD-800 Synthesizer. Not so good audio quality, but very impressive.

See more Youtube synth videos from Retrosound.

Next, two better audio demos:

Audio part I - Analog and digital type pad sounds:

Audio part II - Wow! Some of the JD like pads!:

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