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domingo, 8 de abril de 2012

Roland JD-800 JD-990 VST Patch Editor VST for CTRLR

JD-VST Patch Editor

(updated at november, 16, 2014)

Good news to the Roland JD-800 and JD-990 worldwide users!

Christian Morency just released a beta version of a VST Patch Editor for the Roland JDs. 

This is a dedicated panel for the CTRLR software. This could allow you to visually modify your patch and control your JDs from your DAW.

You can read more about and download at the CTRLR forum: http://ctrlr.org/forums/search/JD-vst/  

If you download CTRLR from the website, please use the Stable version

As a Beta Version the software still have some bugs.

And also, there's a great topic at  Gearslutz: JD800 / 990 VST editor

The page include links to download.

Few notes:
You need to free your computer midi ports on which the JD is connected for CTRLR and assign them to CTRLR in the global settings. Download the panel (it's currently at the bottom of the device database). Once open from CTRLR, right-click on the panel and assign the midi device to the panel.

Download link:http://ctrlr.org/panels_deprecated/

Youtube tutorials:

JD-VST Tutorial 1:

JD-VST Tutorial 2:

JD-VST Tutorial 3:

2 comentários:

  1. Hi there,
    firstly, thank you for this great ressource site. I only recently bought a used JD-800 and I am very grateful for your site.
    The JD I bought has a broken side (right hand side) and I am wondering whether someone out there has an idea where a spare part could be found?

    Thank you and best wishes,


  2. Hi thanks! May be was you post at Yahoo group JD-800_Tech sith a similar issue? I will post the same there. I was looking at www.gearslutz.com forum and I found one more site with internal replacement parts.
    May be they know something about what you need:


    Thanks for supporting this great machine and hope you find a good solution to fix it.



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