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sexta-feira, 4 de maio de 2012

Article Quote: Jean-Michel Jarre's Comment

Not sure, at right top, appears to be the JD800 and a Nord.
Foto: Music and You

This is a quote from the great article: Synth-Aesthesia: Jean-Michel Jarre's Favorite Keys by Patrick Thévenin, published at site www.redbullmusicacademy.com.at 03.05.2012.

Jean-Michel Jarre speaks to French journalist Patrick Thévenin about ten of his favourite synthesizers.

(A very nice list)

E.M.S VCS 3 (1969)
ARP 2600 (1971)
ARP 2500 (1969)
RMI Keyboard Computer (1974)
EMINENT 310 (1970)
Teenage Engineering OP-1 (2011)

Roland JD-800 (1991)
This was the next synth to follow the DX7 philosophy and the approach initiated by Japanese synths, which was going to financially sink all of the American makers. I included it in my list because it was one of the first polyphonic Japanese synths that managed to resemble an analogue synth, although what I hated about the DX7 was that it left you thinking that electronic music only aimed to imitate the sounds of acoustic instruments. With the JD-800, you could modify the sound, as you can on an ARP or a Moog, but with a Japanese sound quality, which in some respects, is more refined. I used this synth a lot on Chronology and Revolution. These are the albums which spoke to people the least, but which were important in my career as they marked a period of flux where I still had a foot in analogue and another in what would go on to become digital.

Jean-Michel Jarre


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