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domingo, 23 de fevereiro de 2014

List of the eight original sound card Sound Libraries

Text source: jd-800.tripod.com (por Tha Villian). Visit the site for a complete list of each card and waveforms .
(I add added a few comments in the original site text).

There are Eight Sound Libraries available for the JD-800:

1. SL-JD80-01 Standard Drums
2. SL-JD80-02 Dance Drums
3. SL-JD80-03 Rock Drums
4. SL-JD80-04 Strings Ensemble
5. SL-JD80-05 Brass Section
6. SL-JD80-06 Grand Piano
7. SL-JD80-07 Guitar
8. SL-JD80-08 Accordian

Each Library consists of two cards:
SO-JD80-01 Standard Drum Waveforms | PN-JD80-01 64 Sound Patches
SO-JD80-02 Dance Drums Waveforms | PN-JD80-02 64 Sounds Patches
SO-JD80-03 Rock Drums Waveforms | PN-JD80-03 64 Sound Patches
SO-JD80-04 String Ensemble Waveforms | PN-JD80-04 64 String Patches
SO-JD80-05 Brass Waveforms | PN-JD80-05 64 Brass Sounds
SO-JD80-06 Grand Piano Waveforms | PN-JD80-06 64 Grand Piano Sounds
SO-JD80-07 Guitar Waveforms | PN-JD80-07 64 Guitar Sounds
SO-JD80-08 Accordian Waveforms | PN-JD80-08 64 Accordian Sounds

Each Set comes with two cards. A Waveform card and a Data card.

Most waveform cards also include a special setup to map various sounds to individual keys. Only the three drum cards and the Accordian Card include Drum Maps. The four other cards only map waveforms to keys.

The sounds on the patch cards are very rich and often better than the internal sounds but there are some noticable filler sounds on each card.

A few cards - String Ensemble & Grand Piano only have 7 waveforms because more memory is needed.

Unfortunately, the cards & patches are quite stunning & realistic and very hard to find. It could cost you more to buy each card individually than the cost of the Keyboard itself.


My notes:

The waveform cards are used by position number. This means, the data card patch get the waveform by number.
So, if you just put another waveform card, for example,  the patch using the 3rd waveform will use it too.

If you have not the waveform card, try using the internal.
The data cards have somne diferent programming, so, you can use the Sysex of the card, but with the internal waveforms. Just edit the patch and assign to the internal waveform you choose. For sure you will not have the same results like the strings or pinao cards, but that are really interesting.

The String Ensembleis a must have! Try it as you can.

A last note, the Roland Fantom have the JD800 acoustic piano included. Despiste the small sample memory, it's so very good to be included there with famous others.


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