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quarta-feira, 15 de abril de 2015

Using the JD-800 as a Programmer for the JD-990

What a shame! I found I already had posted something so here.
Please people, I'm really short on time, ask me to see where I saw more material like this.

The JD-800 can control most of JD-990 parameters. 

This comes from the Sweetwater.com Using the JD-800 as a Programmer for the JD-990

The JD-800 sliders can be set to send MIDI messages that can be recorded into
your sequencer.
When adjusting a selected parameter such as cutoff, resonance, panning, etc., the JD-800 transmits a series of system exclusive messages.

Use the following procedure to enable the Transmit Edit function:

On the JD-800:
  1. Press MIDI.
  2. Use the CURSOR UP/DOWN buttons to select “TX Edit Data.”
  3. Press the INC (increment) button to turn this parameter ON.

On the JD-990:
  1. Press SYSTEM SETUP so it is lit.
  2. CURSOR to “RX Exclusive” and use the VALUE dial to select ON-2.
  3. Press SYSTEM SETUP to return to the previous screen.

NOTE: You will need to enable this transmit function each time you turn the JD-800 on.


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