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quinta-feira, 14 de dezembro de 2017

Making the Gandalf, The White

Dave and Randel with the White and the Grey.
Making the Gandalf, The White

This beuatifull custom JD-800 became famous.
And I found some of the making photos posted by hamsterdunce at Flickr.

Here the album description:

"Jeff Toman of Customsynth.co.uk artistically created beautiful new all-white look for my Roland JD-800, in the style of a classic '80s SH-101 synth. The logo was altered to match the style. It's a perfect way to go, since the faders are identical to the ones used on the SH. This set follows my work this afternoon at my friend Randel's synth barn in Essex, CT, as we add the custom parts onto an otherwise stock synth."

The complete album is at Flickr album: JD-800 Custom White Synth.

Here, just some photos to tease:

Observe some personal texts at button's titles.



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