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Updates: Many topics are permanent, so may be updated to any material, for add or correct info.
Get more info: Since the beginning this site tryes to be a compilation center of the best sources for the JD800. Not a copy.
So please, visit the sites at the Links section for lots of much more very good information.

About the JD800Center

This is a fan page about a great synth.

The purpose here, is collect and share information about the Roland JD-800 Synthesizer.

The original site, was hosted at Geocities, so we had to move with some updates.

My idea, is collect as many information sources as possible about the JDs.

About me

I'm a writer on ocultism and half-pro musician and composer.

My main blog is at gilbertostrapazon.blogspot.com (portuguese text).


2 comentários:

  1. Hi, I don't see any way to contact you, so I will leave a comment. Here is a little solo I did on a JD800 using "Velo Crunch" voice. http://youtu.be/uOpCRQNClpE. If you wish to embed it, you must change the object width and height code to width="560" height="315" in both parts of the code showing width and height, so the video will display properly (if you try to use the code from youtube, it will display in 4:3 aspect ratio, instead of 16:9). Nice blog!

    1. Thanks for sharing this.
      Is a good example of the velo Crunch guitar!


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